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Artist Consulting

No matter if you are a recent graduate, or you are an artist unsure of your next move, you can be sure that The Art Plug creative advertising agency will be there to help you. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide valuable advice that will spare you from making time and money consuming mistakes, as well as taking the wrong steps in your career.

Our Artist Consulting includes marketing, artist’s brand image, negotiating with galleries, tips for creating great portfolios and many other things. 

We have mentored many artists over the past years, so you can be sure that we will use only the best practices that will keep you moving in the right direction. The Art Plug creative advertising agency is founded and led by an established artist consultant Marcel Katz, and we offer tailor-made solutions for every client who decides to put their trust in us. 


What Does Our Artist Consulting Include?

Art is our passion, and we have vast experience in visual artist management, development, and guidance. We have watched many of our clients grow and mature as artists, but we have also helped established artists to take the right steps whenever they felt like they were at a crossroads in their career.

We will nurture your professional image, help you gain exposure, find more job opportunities and increase your engagement. 

You can count on us to help you with:

  • Commission
  • Image and brand development
  • Gallery Submissions
  • Art Presentation (dealers, collectors, galleries)
  • Contracts
  • Networking

Whether you need our artist consulting as a one-time service or a long term project, our team will find the best solutions and provide valuable tips that will help you improve your art career.


Exhibitions and Brand Engagements

We can help you reach a wider audience by organizing exhibitions for you at some of the most popular venues. We have been working with many famous artists, and we guarantee that your event will be memorable and noticed. 

Our team can take care of the selection of the items you should present, pick some of the biggest names from different industries for your guest’s list, and organize transportation to ensure that your artwork arrives safely and well-protected. You don’t have to worry about the press and marketing either, because we can take care of that too. 

There are many brands from various industries that are in constant need of fresh, innovative ideas that can boost their sales and put them in front of their competitors. The Art Plug creative advertising agency has mediated many artist-brand collaborations, so you can count on us to connect you with some of the biggest local and international companies. Brand activations have numerous benefits for both parties included.


How to Book An Appointment With Artist Consultation Team?

In order to custom-tailor a strategy that will boost your career and help you reach the highest highs, we will need to work closely with you, to understand your vision and your art. The best way to do so is to speak with you in person, so we suggest you use the online form on our website and schedule an appointment.

As soon as we receive your message we will get back to you to confirm the exact time and date of our meeting. Our dedicated team will explain to you what the process of artist consulting looks like and suggest some of the best options for you. 

We also offer upfront pricing, and we will not start with our work until you completely agree with everything we suggested. It is crucial that the artist is involved in the entire process, so we will carefully listen to all the ideas or suggestions you might have. 

About The Curator: Marcel Katz

Miami native Marcel Katz is an art dealer and agent. Curated under the name, “The Art Plug”, Katz showcases work from emerging and established artists of many different styles. Katz is known for his impact in connecting artists and creating experimental showcases for people of all demographics to indulge in.

Brands That Trust Us

Wherever there is art, there is The Art Plug, and our dedication is visible through the countless number of incredible relationships we have formed and developed.  The art industry is healthier than ever, and our contributions through immersive experiences and collaborations are creating a movement unlike anything before it. There is no task too big and no platform too wild for us to visualize.