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Artist Online Presence and Digital Marketing

Today, being an artist includes a lot of different aspects that weren’t present in the realm of art before. Nowadays, your creativity and work are not enough to get your name out there. Having a well thought out online presence that is carefully planned and scheduled is a must according to today’s standards, especially if you are new in the art business and want to gain more popularity and more traction.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency works with budding artists on building their online presence, from setting up their website to managing their social media profiles. All this effort will help the young artists to establish their names on the art scene, but also worldwide.


Social Media Managing for Artists

Many artists tapped into social media and successfully managed to build their platforms online. They gathered their fans on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many other social networks. Their fans are from all over the world and are following artists’ day to day activities with vigor and passion. 

However, not every contemporary artist is familiar with the inner workings of the Internet and social media. Or they just want to focus on their art and not constantly posting on Instagram. That is where we step in.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency offers social media managing services for artists so that they can focus on more important aspects of their art. Managing online profiles can be quite stressful and it is also another outlet for showing creativity. But, it can be draining and coming up with new posts day after day can really use up your energy.

We are thinking of artists and their needs, and we recognized the necessity for such services. Having an online presence as an artist is a must, but with our assistance, it can also become a task that you should not worry about.


Building an Artist Online Portfolio

Nowadays everything is online, so why should not your artist portfolio be as well? While every artist is focused on creating more, a lesser amount of artists are thinking about presenting their work online. Setting up a website where they can showcase all their work can do wonders for their online presence. 

People can find out more about artists if they have a nicely designed and informative website. While some graffiti artists and painters wish to stay anonymous and thus create hype around their moniker in such a way, others need an established means of communication with their fans and potential customers.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency can assist artists in strengthening their online appearance and help build a strong portfolio. Setting a good foundation, which is an official website for starters, can only add to the credibility and professionalism of the artist.


Artist Online Marketing

It is true that artists paint and create to share their vision with the world. But, at the end of the day, every artist would be happy to earn some income from their hard work. Having a webshop, correct contact information and eye-catching campaign, those are some first steps to enticing people to buy art and get in touch with the creator.

The Art Plug artist online presence and digital marketing offers full service when it comes to managing their marketing strategy, all the way from posting the right content to communicating with fans. Encapsulating an authentic voice of the artist and managing to present it through an online presence is a foolproof way of garnering attention through the clutter of social media and the Internet in general. 


Contact Us for Artist Online Presence and Digital Marketing

It is never too late to start seriously working on your Internet presence. No matter if your artistic career is at the beginning or you have been in the business for quite some time, The Art Plug artist online presence and digital marketing team can help you.

About The Curator: Marcel Katz

Miami native Marcel Katz is an art dealer and agent. Curated under the name, “The Art Plug”, Katz showcases work from emerging and established artists of many different styles. Katz is known for his impact in connecting artists and creating experimental showcases for people of all demographics to indulge in.

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