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Artist Website Design

Modern times ask for modern solutions. Even though it was unimaginable before that an artist would have to worry about presenting their work anywhere else outside of galleries and art exhibitions, today having a website is an absolute must.

People search for everything online, and art is not an exception. The artist’s website serves as a sort of portfolio where visitors can learn more about the artist, check out their work, (find out where they can) buy the art and more.

Of course, not every artist is well versed in the website creation and they shouldn’t be. That is where our services can come in handy. The Art Plug creative advertising agency wants to help artists get noticed without too much trouble. 


Unique Websites for Artists

Your website will act as your portfolio with all your most important works and tidbits from your work biography. This way you will present yourself to your fans, art critics, media, and also to a casual visitor. 

Free website templates are lacking in many ways. You can also spend too much time trying to make your perfect online portfolio, only to find out that it is more complicated than you initially thought. But, there is a way to own a beautifully designed website with great functionality.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency artist website design team offers services to artists who wish to dedicate their time to creating their artwork instead of trying to figure out the coding. We can create a website for you according to your personal tastes and the image you wish to convey. We will consult you for every detail and work with you towards creating your perfect online portfolio.


Powerful Promotional Tool

Many artists are not familiar with the possibilities that their own website can bring. Having a social media presence is excellent, but having your own space on the Internet is something that gives artist credibility and eludes professionalism. 

Besides acting as an online portfolio of your works, a website is a great way to inform your fans about your upcoming events. Are you planning a new exhibition? Posting news on your website will keep everybody in touch with your new plans. 

Keeping everybody in the loop about your new artistic endeavors is a good promotional tactic because people will keep hearing and reading about you. Newsletters are, for example, excellent for spreading this type of short news. In this way, you will be able to build a solid relationship with your fans.


Webshops for Artists

Having your own webshop where people can take a look at your work and buy art pieces is also a great way to boost your image and increase the number of sales.

A nicely and intuitively designed webshop will attract more visitors and you will have more chances to get people to buy your art. Especially if the whole online buying process is straightforward and simple, your buyers will have a good experience and probably share it with their group of friends and family. 

If you want to have a great functioning webshop, you need a team of dedicated developers. The Art Plug artist website design can secure that for you.


Contact us for Artist Website Design

We cannot stress enough the importance of having your own website as an artist. It will bring you closer to your audience, while new fans will be able to discover you and learn more about you by simply visiting your official page.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your ideas and wishes considering your website. Talk to us about the creative side of it and leave the inner workings of a website building to us. 

The Art Plug creative advertising agency will make sure to bring your unique vision to life and to present you and your work in a true light. 

About The Curator: Marcel Katz

Miami native Marcel Katz is an art dealer and agent. Curated under the name, “The Art Plug”, Katz showcases work from emerging and established artists of many different styles. Katz is known for his impact in connecting artists and creating experimental showcases for people of all demographics to indulge in.

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Wherever there is art, there is The Art Plug, and our dedication is visible through the countless number of incredible relationships we have formed and developed.  The art industry is healthier than ever, and our contributions through immersive experiences and collaborations are creating a movement unlike anything before it. There is no task too big and no platform too wild for us to visualize.