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Colors Oner

A lover of all kids of art, from graffiti to tattoos, Colors dedicates his time to leaving a mark in Houston.


Erik Del Rio, better known as Colors, has spent the past 27 years harvesting his craft. In his early years, Colors quickly became infatuated with graffiti through watching films like Beat Street and Breakin’. As a kid, he would exchange sketches with friends and daydream about being in skate magazines. Soon, his dreams became a reality with the city of Houston as the perfect canvas.


With hunger to excel, Colors took his art to the next level in the late 90’s by commissioning murals for local businesses and tattooing his art. Well known for his eclectic style and vivid choice of color, Colors garnered the spotlight and portrayed an array of characters, typography and abstract works for various solo shows.


Following a decade of arts shows and budding a tattoo shop, Erik “Colors” Del Rio’s has collaborated with major corporations, including Coca Cola, Puma, Ford and Mountain Dew.


Colors continues to work and live in Houston, placing positive energy into his art so it brings that same feeling into the world.

Based in Houston, TX.



Artist’s Work