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James Thompson

Born in Los Angeles, James Thompson, the contemporary visual artist behind the brand JZL, delivers art which you could only find in your wildest fantasies. He studied graphic design at Loyola Marymount University before making a splash in the photography/social media world by photographing some of today’s most trending social media models. Known for his wild and unconventionally sexy spin on each shoot and art piece, the work of JZL has also been featured by Maxim and Playboy.


Within his fine art pieces, JZL combines his sensual and vibrant original photography with mixed media collaging for an edgy right off the street feel. His work is designed to inspire people to have a little fun. James’ strong belief in the freedom of expression and his relentless efforts to continue to captivate, motivate and inspire others through his work can be seen on all of his projects. He has below zero interest in normality and often imagines the most outrageous, unrealistic situations and conveys them in his work to spark the attention of others while taking the viewer on a whirlwind ride through his imagination.

Based in Los Angeles, CA.

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