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Mallory Dawn

Las Vegas-based creative Mallory Dawn combines realistic portraiture with patterns in her unique flavor of outspoken artistry. Commissioned by clients craving originality and flair, her multimedia works range from large-scale corporate murals to the intimate pieces that transform houses into homes.

Style-savvy eyes know her as Icecream And Cupcakes, her sugary-sweet sig and art community tag. From aerosols to pastels (and everything in between) that tag and her work are synonymous with edge, skill and soul.

Since her earliest works, Mallory Dawn has set her designs on exploring emotions that defy the superficial. Her original choice of a black and white pallette was to depict real women and men, while turning a blind eye to skin color or physical attributes. Building on this idea, her signature style has incorporated 2D patterns from the post-modern era. By juxtaposing this texture over her classic portraits, she highlights her own fascination and self-taught devotion to various cultures and countries. These representations are intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for less understood characteristics in world history.

Mallory’s 2D layering over these realistic 3D portrayals grew from over a decade of work in the field of fashion. As an arbiter of justice and freedom, her desire is use her talents to influence love and acceptance in the face of hate and adversity.

In the future, Mallory will seek to experiment with new design objectives while she continues to explore the diversified pattern works iconic to an array of cultures.

Based in Las Vegas, NV.

Art Commissions.