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Gallery Sales Services

Negotiating on artists’ behalf about the business side of the art world is something that is of invaluable help. Visiting galleries, finding the ones that wish to cooperate and sell artworks is a job in itself. Rarely do artists decide to take upon such a task themselves. They usually seek out a person or an agency that will work solely on providing opportunities to increase gallery sales.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency offers gallery sales services for up and coming artists, as well as for already established artists on the local art scene. Our goal is to help artists get profit for their artistry and to spread the word about them through gallery deals.


Getting a Gallery Deal

While there are purely exhibition galleries where you cannot buy a piece, most galleries do sell artworks that are on display. For each painting, sculpture or other art that they successfully sell, galleries receive a percentage. This way, the artist and the gallery can profit together.

However, even though that may seem easy enough, the whole process of securing a gallery sale takes a lot of time and dedication. Most artists are exclusively devoted to creating and following their inspiration, which will definitely not lead them to contracts and business talk.

That is why we decided to help artists and look out after them while they continue doing what they do best – create. The Art Plug gallery sales services team has taken upon ourselves to negotiate with art galleries and secure the best percentage for our clients.

We are very familiar with the art scene and we have numerous connections in the business. With our knowledge and experience, we can quickly figure out which gallery owners are most likely to be interested in new artists and their work. 


From Promotion to Profit

However, it is a rare occurrence that people will buy work from an unknown artist. That is why it is so hard for new creatives to break into the art scene. 

The Art Plug creative advertising agency has a solution for that as well. Before getting down to the business of installing art pieces around the galleries, the better tactic for young painters, sculptors, and other artists is to first start with the promotion.

The Art Plug creative advertising agency provides a full marketing package for people who wish to get their name out there, but who also wish to focus on their art rather on marketing and the business side of it all. If we manage to create excitement around this new name, people will get interested and galleries would be more prone to opening their doors and collaborating with fresh faces on the art scene.

Setting up a website, social media profiles, creating outstanding visuals and adding a bit of storytelling in the mix will sure get you noticed as the promising artist of the new generation.

Our team can manage each and every aspect of your promotion which will, in the end, lead to galleries reaching out to you and people waiting in lines to buy your work.


Contact us for Gallery Sales Services

Are you a brand new artist looking for a chance to sell your artworks? Are you unsure where to start and how to reach galleries? We know how daunting that can be and that is why we offer gallery sales services to everybody who needs guidance and an experienced advisor. 

The Art Plug creative advertising agency is here to support you on this journey and to keep your best interest while being in the talks with the galleries. We are taking care of every artist who approaches us and are doing our utmost to boost their gallery sales.

About The Curator: Marcel Katz

Miami native Marcel Katz is an art dealer and agent. Curated under the name, “The Art Plug”, Katz showcases work from emerging and established artists of many different styles. Katz is known for his impact in connecting artists and creating experimental showcases for people of all demographics to indulge in.

Brands That Trust Us

Wherever there is art, there is The Art Plug, and our dedication is visible through the countless number of incredible relationships we have formed and developed.  The art industry is healthier than ever, and our contributions through immersive experiences and collaborations are creating a movement unlike anything before it. There is no task too big and no platform too wild for us to visualize.