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Daniel Columbie – Money Throne at Art Palm Beach 2019

A whole new spin, to the phrase, cashing in. Daniel Columbie, owner and founder of Prop Movie Money, has been rolling out the dough for everyone’s favorite Hollywood films since inception in 2008. And now, this moneymaker is turning his on screen prized creations into large-scale installations. Showcasing his work at Art Palm Beach inside The Art Plug’s Powerhouse, Columbie is looking to show collectors and crowds the energy that money, power, and art seamlessly bring together.

“Its an epic feeling,” said Columbie.

Columbie’s activation will include an original one of a kind massive money throne, “designed for a king or queen, all handmade down to the velvet cushions and tassels.” Additional accents featured will include prop money and décor.

But this isn’t Columbie’s first go around inside the modern contemporary art world. He’s been honing his skills since before founding Prop Movie Money, finding inspiration designing props for small picture films.

And then, he received the call.

“I was contacted by CBS, to design money props for a TV show, Unforgettable. Soon after, I was introduced to Warner Brothers, Paramount, and all of the major studios requesting my designs for their productions.”

Unforgettable is an understatement. This four season, American police drama series airing on CBS and later A&E, lead Columbie to work on some of the big screen’s most sought after blockbuster hits, including Ozark, Gotham, Den of Thieves, Narcos, Breaking Bad, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Empire.

“I’ve designed over a billion dollars. One production ordered 10 Pallets, which made it about over $100,000 in profits for the company in one day. All of it was for a scene where the pallets burned.”

But with the scores of productions, A-list Hollywood celebrities, and stacks of dollar bills, it’s the unique ability to use illusions to manipulate the viewer’s perspective, which amazes Columbie the most.

“Money props is one those instruments that when you see it on camera, a person cannot distinguish whether it is real or fake. I design quality, so that there is never a doubt when the viewer sees these props, so that they never get distracted negatively from a film, music video or TV show. The same concept goes with films, you want to make them seem as realistic as possible giving the ‘Slice of Life’ approach.”

Those attending Art Palm Beach, can expect the same naturalism from Columbie’s Powerhouse activation, interacting inside a lookalike film location filled with Prop Movie Money.

A message of professionalism and creativity.