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Ketnipz – Dinner With Bean at Art Palm Beach 2019

In January 2019, art collectors and artist Harry Hambley’s cult of Ketnipz enthusiasts, could find his illustrations and paintings at Art Palm Beach, inside The Art Plug Power House, with an activation titled “Dinner With Bean” displaying his “Comfort Food” series in both print and sculptural form.

“Recently I’ve had a lot of fun drawing Bean alongside some of my favorite foods, such as pizza, ravioli, and toasties, but those foods are giant in comparison to the tiny Bean! So, naturally I wanted to continue this series by bringing the comfort food collection to life in 3-D, at Art Palm Beach with the help of the Art Plug team.”

Palm Beach crowds had a chance to experience a white dining room table fit for 8, arranged for a formal dinner dressed with plates, silverware, candles, and a fireplace mantle. Each plate highlighted sculptures of Hambley’s signature Bean, in no other than a bowl of tomato soup or caught in an oversized pink, sprinkled donut.

“I love how food can really improve someone’s mood, and wanted to make some work around that concept whilst playing on the phrase ‘comfort foods.’ This collection is really just about showing all the ways Bean can make foods into cozy snooze spots, such as nesting in the part of an avocado where the seed used to be, or sleeping under a layer of cheese in a pizza slice!”

And although this little Bean keeps getting wedged in life’s most unlikely situations, he keeps on smiling, letting you know you’re doing all right.