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Tiago Magro – Art Palm Beach 2019

Tiago Magro, a Brazilian born mixed media artist who is transforming the urban streets of Miami Beach, New York, and Brazil, into imaginative paintings, using radiating colors and blazes of music to showcase his pure love of art through live performance.

And although Magro has now found himself at the center of the contemporary art world, his journey into live performance art began long ago, when he was expelled from school for vandalizing on campus property with whatever he could use to paint or write.

“That was my main focus, art,” said Tiago Magro. “But my career as an artist launched when I was here in the US and I began to create pieces, and quickly realized it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Using the pungency of animated shades, irresistibly rich palettes, and the energies of people, music, and his surroundings, Magro displays high-energy works inspired by culture and what he sees and feels around him. Some of his most notable works have been curated on top of rooftop parties or onstage during performances. But if you ask Magro, his most memorable work was his last solo exhibition.

“It was called ‘Love is Simple’ … It was an expression of exactly that. We like to complicate and overthink love, yet it’s so simple to do.”

At Art Palm Beach, onlookers can view Magro’s collection of painted furniture and walls, produced through music and materials, inside The Art Plug Powerhouse, where they will have the opportunity to interact with Magro’s installation, snap, and post photos, and even watch him, in person, as he live paints in his activation suite, during various times throughout the fair.

Magro’s work will also be showcased on the billboard of the Palm Beach Convention Center.

“I’m super excited about this. My live painting is an experience…It’s like a picture of energy paused in time. You will never capture that again…You will be emerging yourself in a big painting…You get to see the process of a piece.”

Magro hopes to capture this energy and bring it with him on his future travels to the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and to the moon, two destinations he has yet to explore.

“Two different pieces completely, yet an expression of utter beauty through colors, stokes and media.”