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The Art Plug Editorial: Q&A WITH MATTHIEU VENOT

Matthieu Venot & His Giant Postcards

Finding his inner passion for contemporary photography after years of pursuing a successful career in music, Matthieu Venot, a self-taught French born artist, has rapidly become one of the worlds most sought out photographers, in just three years.

Inspired by the power of creativity, Venot focuses on architectural subjects rather than portraits, achieving to capture abstract geometric images such as vertical columns of identical balconies and a bright teal urban landscape with a single ladder.

“I photograph windows and balconies because I like to relate nature with the sky and humans with what we build, our homes and our apartments,” said Venot. “It seems that we forgot that we live with our environment. I started to show palm trees to relate this duality.”

N°10 and N°06 by Matthieu Venot

And what makes so Venot unique to other photographers is his ability to seize a perfect sky, showcasing the raw beauties of “mother earth,” leaving his photos without turbulence.

“It is abstract and concrete. I like that we can read the photo very fast. I want people to feel comfortable and contemplate.”

When shooting inside his studio, Venot attains simplicity by photographing his subjects against a blue background to mimic the sky on picturesque day.  And only when there are no clouds in sight, does Venot shoot outside.

And deemed as an Instagram sensation, for featuring his many works with pink structural backgrounds and lonely palm trees, Venot has quickly become a web icon amongst his followers.

“It’s crazy because I just post pictures of my city, in the same way I first did 4 years ago. And today, I exhibit my work in Miami. Everything went so fast. I am so happy that so many people like my work.”

And now, at Art Palm Beach’s Art Plug Powerhouse, collectors, crowds, and avid internet fans can view and interact with Venot’s vibrant yet congruent photographs with an activation, highlighting giant postcards and stamps, pictured on the walls.

Guests will also have the opportunity to write a postcard to friends and family on Venot’s signature pieces, which will be mailed out at the fair’s end.

“The work I am showing in Palm Beach are photos I took in 2018 in Lisboa. The fact that people could show, what they find beautiful, to theirs friends or family, is perfect. I love that idea.”

In the future, Venot is planning to work with an agency in Paris to photograph portraits. And in his personal work, he would “like to imagine the world as empty and quiet.” He is also working on an ongoing project about Miami and continuing to paint.