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TheArtPlug Editorial: “2009” by Rhymezlikedimez

The Art Plug x Rhymezlikedimez

‘2009’ (Mac Miller)
by Rhymezlikedimez

About the Artist

Robin Velghe, aka Rhymezlikedimez, is an illustrator, designer, and animator who’s signature style has garnered the interest of some of the music industry’s biggest acts. Hailing from Ghent Belgium, Robin has quickly become a globally-recognized artist and is now in high-demand from record labels, artists, and their fans hungry for creative content.

Rhymezlikedimez focuses on the power of music and the ability it has to connect people and explore culture. It is Velghe’s personal ode to hip hop. Rhymez’ work now spreads across the industry, with clients including Atlantic Records, MTV, Lil Uzi, Sheck Wes, and more.

Robin has also expanded his work into the physical world, creating original paintings and different forms of prints that enable his fans to hold his work tangibly.

Print Release

Today, in collaboration with The Art Plug, we will be releasing the latest work of Rhymezlikedimez, a risograph print entitled ‘2009’, depicting an image of the late Mac Miller.

Though it’s been over a year since his passing, Mac’s death is still fresh in the minds of many of his fans. Last month, Miller’s family released his posthumous album Circles, as Pitchfork writes, “a posthumously released Swimming companion piece that gives his years of work a bit of closure… It’s the culmination of a career spent improving, a fitting epilogue to an aspirational life.”

Robin explains in his first Instagram post of the illustration that he was working on a Mac Miller project at the time of his death but “it didn’t feel right to post anything at that moment”. Now, over a year removed and a new project released that has allowed fans to transition grief of death into celebration of life, seems to feel like the right time.

In honor of Mac, partial proceeds from this release will be donated to the Mac Miller Circles Fund, administered by The Pittsburgh Foundation, which Mac’s family set up in his honor. Per the foundation’s website, “The Mac Miller Fund supports programming, resources and opportunities to youth from underserved communities, helping them recognize their full potential through exploration in the arts and community building. Additionally, the fund may support organizations that identify and address the problems of substance abuse in the music industry and that directly assist youth aged 27 and under with all stages of addiction-recovery treatment and post-treatment services.”

Robin’s fandom of Mac Miller is evident in this print release. The attention to detail is apparent, a momento to Mac’s greatest projects and moments subtly placed within the design:

– A glass of kool-aid and box of pizza on the table (Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza)
– Box of Nike sneakers in the corner (Nikes On My Feet)
– The apple & flowers on the piano (Watching Movies With the Sound Off)
– The mirror on the wall (The Divine Feminine)
– The “Don’t Trip” hat (as seen in Mac’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert)
– The pattern on the vase (Faces)

The Details

The prints will be live on The Art Plug site at 12:00pm EST, Friday February 28th.

  • Title: 2009 (Mac Miller)
  • Medium: Risograph Print on Mill Avorio 190 gr. paper
  • Dimensions: 11.7×16.5 inches
  • Edition of 92
  • Signed & numbered by the artist

Orders from Europe will be shipped from Belgium. All other orders will be shipped from Miami, FL.

We asked Rhymez a few questions about Mac.

What was your inspiration for this print & what message do you hope it conveys?

I wanted to create a tribute to one of my favorite artists and inspirations a year ago. Unfortunately Mac passed away so I waited a year to take it all in…

Now I think it’s more important to celebrate his legacy, focus on the amazing art and energy he left behind. More specifically, I was inspired by the song 2009. That one hit really deep because he talks about the moment where it all started for him. I’ve been following him since then and it feels like I almost grew up with him, y’know?

What’s your favorite Mac song?

Ah, so hard to pick. He has evolved so much. From his earlier days it’s definitely Nikes on My Feet and BDE (bonus). K.I.D.S was my high school soundtrack. Nowadays I think Grand Finale, 2009 and Woods are my favorite songs.

He’s evolved from this fun and lighthearted rapper to a full-blown singer-song writer. Apparently he could play almost any instrument too. That’s crazy to me.

What did Mac Miller mean to you?

Mac is one of the first artists I could relate with as a kid. He was a young creative guy living in the suburbs, inspired by the amazing culture that is hiphop. He was the reason I sagged my pants in high school (lol). Every album that came out had a lasting impact on my life. I think Mac is one of these rare artists that makes ‘honest’ art. He gives you full transparency into his life. Some songs are about partying, falling in love, but other ones are about his fear of being alone, struggling with fame and drugs, overthinking stuff. It takes a lot of heart to tell those things to the whole world.

We’re excited to be able to share this art with the world and celebrate an amazing artist.

Thank you for the support!
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